speaker, coach, Spirit junkie & kindness ambassador

My life was challenging from when I was about five years old. I was abused by a friend of the family and by the time I was thirteen I was fighting with my mom, self-harming, struggling with my body image and self worth and then - living on my own. From shelters, to finding out I was half adopted, to living on the street and staying with friends and grandparents - my life changed a lot over the course of a few years.

By the time I was sixteen I had lived in half a dozen different places before I was put into a psych ward. In the summer between junior and senior year of high school I was in and out of four different wards with multiple misdiagnoses and more issues than when I went in.

After a tumultuous senior year, I went to college where I learned about the world beyond my small town and met people who shifted my entire worldview. I grew and expanded in ways I didn’t know possible but I also ran into more traumas - a sexual assault, a home robbery, the loss of many of my friends, a suicide attempt and eventually - dropping out.

It was during a month in the psychiatric ward in a hospital as an adult that my life started to change, drastically and irrevocably. It’s where I learned to meditate. Where I learned that a book I loved - Eat, Pray, Love - was more than just an interesting read. It was a window into a world I never knew. It was an introduction to the idea that I could choose my spiritual path and that at the end of the day it was how I felt about myself, how I took care of myself, and how hard I worked for my own goals that truly mattered.

Over the next several years I realized that the magazine clippings and endless tips I had written down during long afternoons in the library as a teen had a purpose. I was always a voracious learner, even when I had no sense of my own self worth. I loved helping people solve their problems and troubleshoot happiness. Learning about the brain, how we form habits, about the power of affirmations, meditation, mantras and the law of attraction made me see the world in a whole new way. It allowed me to embrace my innate optimism and addiction to knowledge and share it with the world.

I learned that I CREATE MY REALITY and suddenly, my reality was a whole lot brighter. I fought my way to adulthood, and then through depression and the impact that my traumas imposed on my psyche. And now I am driven to help others do the same.

I believe in radical honesty, resiliency, determination and above all - equal opportunities for us all to design our dream lives. I know that personal accountability and kindness make strong people and strong people change the world.

So that’s what I’m driven to do! My life’s purpose is to help millions of women find their voices and create the biggest, baddest version of their lives that they can dream up. So if you’re ready to play full out - let’s work together.

— Amanda

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
— Dalai Lama