What a Difference a Year Can Make

Hey Time Hackers!

So I'm part of several groups on Facebook that focus on personal growth and entrepreneurship. Someone recently asked what inspired us to start our businesses and I realized that I have never written out how Time Hackers Unite literally came to be.

I wanted to coach women on mindset my whole life - I just didn't know it was exactly that. When I created Time Hackers Unite a few years ago, I had just started to figure out that I wanted to help women do, have and be more than they could imagine for themselves. But how was I going to do that? What tangible tools did I have to offer? That was all a mystery.

My business truly began when I was unexpectedly and unfairly fired from a job I loved, and at the same time (for the first time in my life, thank you very much Universe) I had savings in my emergency fund. I had had an enormous amount of freedom in my previous position and I was so grateful that that taught me that I didn’t want to be locked into working for someone else full time ever again. I knew I had to figure out how to make money on my own terms so I could be in charge of my time, impact and future. So I reached out to my friends & colleagues throughout the community and offered my most tangible services - copywriting, marketing, social media management, web design & time management coaching.

As I started to meet with them I would also inadvertently coach them on things that were related to both their business and personal matters. I started teaching people about goal setting, how our brains work, and how to form habits and make real changes in your life. I realized that many entrepreneurs struggle in finding people to support them, brainstorm, hold them accountable, and help them plan for growth. Especially people who understand the unique challenges of being in business for yourself and the amount of both pressure and freedom that comes from this lifestyle.

So I started offering Strategy Sessions to both business owners and people in general! Now I help people (especially women) plan out their lives, goals and businesses in a way that not only focuses on specific, actionable steps but also on developing a mindset of abundance.

As my business grew, I got better at managing my time in this new realm - running a business instead of supporting others (as an assistant, office manager, chief operating officer, etc.) and realized I needed to get my health in line if I wanted to truly grow my business to my vision, which was no small feat.

My vision is to help millions of women find their voices, take control of their futures and design their dream lives.

So I started fixing my diet (mostly keto, 100% gluten-free), walking more, taking a weekly yoga class and making sleep my #1 non-negotiable. Then I incorporated daily supplements to boost my vitamin and mineral intake. (And also to help with my focus, energy levels, blood sugar levels, recovery time and sleep quality.) Next I added in CBD oil to help me cope with stress and anxiety, which I have been prone to my entire life.

When I had my own health fairly regulated (and have dropped 60 lbs so far!!) I realized that all the people I was helping with time management and goal planning could also be supported by taking charge of their health. So I started selling the supplements (and skincare and organic cleaning products) I use with Shaklee and the CBD oil I (and now my friends, family and dogs all use) with CTFO.

It was awesome! I fell in love with network marketing because I have wonderful companies who support me. And I used to be soooo skeptical of network marketing because I, like everyone else, have heard of the insane amount of scams and how hard it is to actually make money doing it. But it isn’t! I love meeting and helping people and all the products I sell compliment my business perfectly. Plus, both companies have awesome refund policies, long histories, tons of research and studies and the products work! So it was easy for me to help people find solutions so that little by little my income from these "side" ventures is becoming a new income stream for my business.

I am so so so freaking blessed to have been fired from my job last year. Because I went from knowing I wanted to start my own business and help people - somehow, in the far distant future - to running my own company that's on track to earn six figures this year (which I've never done in my life!), supports my health physically and mentally because I control my time and have products to help me stay on my game, is allowing me tp pay off my debt on my own terms and plan a 7-year trip around the world.

And I’m just getting started!

Holy. Smokes.